Thanks to all of the artists that played the TND / WLFY / WAWSTSF pre-CMJ showcase. Hit up the following links to listen to their music:

White Reaper


Uncommon Nasa



Cakes Da Killa


Cakes Da Killa - Living Gud, Eating Gud



LVL3 interviews this week featuring:

Artist of the Week: Min Song

Spotlight: Temporary Showroom
Looks: Renovar
Tunes: Cakes Da Killa

CMJ Kickoff with the Needledrop

CMJ Kickoff with the Needledrop

thaatgoodshiit said: If I make an embroidery of your beautiful face (probably your album cover)....will you let me send it to you? <3 <3 <3 Noel Puello <3 <3 <3

Yeah if it’s cute why not haha

machinablack said: Hey! I am another one of many fans and I just wanted to say I really dig your artistry and it has helped me through many late nights of graduate school translations. So, yeah! I hope to hear more material from ya in future times.

Thanks so much! Happy I could help


Living Gud, Eating Gud is soooo good idk how mussymayhem isn’t famous yet