What do straight men get out of flirting with me? Like I’m lost.

I can go now Lord….take me home. #SHEAROUND

I can go now Lord….take me home. #SHEAROUND


Me being a thot with mussymayhem

I never got these though


lol cakes da killa doesn’t make me feel any better just give me a penis and an ashole 2 fcuk tbh fuck who am I?


I bet that there are people who listen to Nicki Minaj and then complain about Cakes Da Killa being too sexual

creative-cacophany said: The anon probably didn't know "Pass the Blunt" was a chant by Icon Eric Christian Bazaar.

Def not

Anonymous said: Pass the blunt, Miss Thing. Are you feeling very pussy? Are you feeling very CUNT? Can you feel that pussy? Absorb the CUNT?!

Are you a real ballroom girl or just a twink who just watched Paris is Burning?